Sunworld Dynasty Beijing

Sunworld Dynasty Beijing Hotel Is Located Within Two Kilometers (1.2 Miles) Of Tiananmen Square And is 27 Kilometers (16.7 Miles) From Beijing International Airport.

The Sunworld Dynasty Beijing Sunworld Dynasty Hotel Offers 395 Rooms With room service, laundry service, wake-up calls, concierge service, travel service, currency exchange, ATM banking, medical support, child care, safe deposit boxes at reception, fee-paying parking lot, car/bus rental service, free Wi-Fi in public area.
Amenities Include tennis, indoor swimming pool, gym, sauna, SPA, fitness, sauna bath center.Sunworld Dynasty Beijing opening time in 1990, the newly decorated time in 2008, a total of 395 rooms (sets) warm prompt 1 Beijing tianlun dynasty hotel reservation held until 18:00, outdated not hotel will be automatically cancelled if after 18:00 is required to check in, please be sure to note the arrival flight number or train on the order information such as trains, so that we can and hotel specifically agreed on retention time, and sometimes may also need to provide your credit card information if you fill out before 18:00 check-in on the day but can't arrived on time, please inform us in advance


  • jerry:环境不错 交通便利 逛吃方便
  • :服务呆板,前台接待死脑筋有点怠慢客人。整体来说以后最好不要去住了。
  • 小芝麻-Soso:酒店工作人员服务特别值得称赞。差点丢了耳饰。她们帮我翻垃圾去寻找。本来不抱希望。最终找到。真心感谢你们。
  • 不错还不错还不错2还不错:体验还不珞体验还不错


Sunworld Dynasty Beijing

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